Test: 20180402:22:53 – Dear Brian,

Dear Brian,

Can I call you Brian? And is it OK for me to write to you publicly? Today, I read your comment that you left here on my blog from last month and I’m really sorry that I didn’t get to it sooner. In the future, I will check Comments here more regularly. Finally figured out there was a button on here for that. (There’s always a missing button somewhere on the UI, isn’t there?)

When you read this letter to you… it’d be great to hear back from you when the time is right? You’re reading some stuff sometimes and I’m mostly happy to report that I’m still here in California, but these last few days I’m feeling a bit out of sorts and wondering, do you feel a bit unsorted too?

Too, I’m sorry for your loss with Oreo, friend. Wish I could be there to hug ya’, even if today wasn’t as fresh as it was back then.

Today… I also wanted to tell someone that I kept feeling these shocks of pain through my arms and in really subtle ways Sometimes I also see stars in my vision, then I wonder in the evening (like now) am I ok and will I wake up tomorrow? And if I do, will I be able to go to work? And if I can work, should I? And if I should, do I have to do a good job? And if I do a good job, will I wake up tomorrow?

Likely so and what a mad circle of thinking! We all hope we will wake up tomorrow and that all systems are go. Speaking of go, when you do have time, thanks again for reading and showing you care by writing back. Whatever you have to say, “good” or “bad”, I’m learning to love all of the words and even some name calling 😉

Your friend,

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