Test: 20180402:22:56 – Roger, who?

Roger, do you read me? This one is going to be weird.

I am staring at this screen and I don’t want to think about anything, but the topic that my heart wants to write about. The person, place, or thing I want to get off my chest is…

A man named Roger Davidson.

Specifically, I want to get the story with Roger off my chest. Plural, as in completely off. And I want to forget men like Roger exist because he is the kind of man who sends me dick pics and videos of his johnson on Facebook with zero solicitation, only to later send me messages like,

“You’re 37, childless and alone, running an Instagram page and posting about your personal life on Facebook for all the world to see. Apparently changing your name is what’s important at this point in your life. Nobody will use your new name because everyone’s known you as Stephanie for 37 years.

I want you to ask yourself a question and don’t tell me what the answer is because it’s none of my business: what is your most significant and treasured accomplishment up until now? If it’s education related, you probably have some self work to do and the clock is ticking. By 45 you’ll be unable to have children, to old to date anymore and probably miserable because you missed out. Do you wanna be 70 years old and alone.

Find a man, delete your ridiculous Facebook and Instagram and focus on having a family.”

~ Roger Davidson

Maybe you are right, Roger? Either way, I appreciate the feedback about me. I’ll have to give that story you painted about me 33 more years to appreciate before either of us knows if you got it right.


Roger that, over and out.

~ Stephanie @Birdanity


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