Art: Amanda Burkman

This is just a journal?

But I don’t live on Wall Street, nor am I famous. I’m just a California gender-fluid human being with a journal of a little girl from Idaho, or at least that’s the story that I’m sticking to some days when I want to walk around like a politician. That will be my story were I up on stage and telling you the story about how my grandfather was a military man and my dad was a farmer. I would tell you a story that would make your head spin and in the end, you might love me anyway. You would see my sins and love me for all that I had ever been and all that i would ever be. you would see that i am just like you. i am lost and wandering and found and wandering with words.

Right? That just happened.

The spiral in these words is that game of thrones that you play with your own heart. The head space that you keep and the very core of who ‘you are’ to me. That spiral is the right words that need to be said from the right person who loves you. Who cares about you too. Someone who makes an effort if she sees something that is falling through the cracks, then suggest options for improvement in as humble a way as humanly possible.


No offense…

On a separate note, I would also like to add something about this decision to be abstinent. Period, comma. As in, I’ll have be a sex with whom I want when I want and that’s also the kind of society I want to keep.

We *roar* what we want when we want.

We *bark* what we want when we want.

We *wiggle* as much as posssssible

(in between the *ROAR* and the *BARK!*).

This is what abstinence means to me:



~Stephanie Marie Bird (your friend? make a comment? I would appreciate it if you were feeling a little human too…it’s scary i know, but you’ve got me….)


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