20180404’s Secret?

IMG_0536Can I tell you a secret?…

Can I tell you that I finally used my voice the last couple of weeks and it hurt my lungs to say it all so much. To write so much. It hurt in ways that *pain* really only describes in words and that’s because it’s supposed to be some sort of emotion or emoticon or feeling or sadness or depression or health?

which is it, this pain?

is it healthy to think of causing people these feelings that we cause is helpful? *pain*?

That’s the secret for all of us, isn’t it.

When mental health is as important as any other, I will stop writing. Too, what people have done ‘to me’ over these last several years has to apologized for and then STOPPED with all the emphasis this quiet voice could muster. Stop! Please, I am asking you to stop and reconsider whether *pain* is a valuable way of learning: clearly it is, and if you want to learn lessons the pain-filled way, I will teach you. I will tell you stories that will help you get there. I will tell you a gender fluid story about how I am abstinent and sex-free. I will be telling you the truth, as I know it today. I am telling you the truth.

I am mental health. This is mentally healthy in every possible way. If writing weren’t an incredibly strong activity, you’d have to be kidding the world. Educate yourSelf.

Self realization…




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