Let The Silence Speak?


Re-reading what last One?

This One?

Let the Silence Speak…?

I don’t think so!

I don’t feel so!
Especially when the
Clock says 11:37PM PST..”
& the TV’s not on again
That old elusion game you play and you win
Scroll through the scenes to find
A place to move your mind
Beyond the questions burning just beneath your skin
You’re afraid of your heart
When it’s quiet and dark
Can you hear me calling?
Calling out your name?
Can you feel me waiting?
For the noise to fade?

I will lead you to a place of perfect peace
Just let the silence speak

You find
so many ways
To fill up all the space
Cause it’d take every bit of faith
to be still,
 but when it’s quiet and dark…

I’ll plead for your heart….!!!

Let it move you
Let it call you
Let it draw you into me
Let it fill you us
Let it heal you
Let it speak”

~edits to Songwriter/Artist’s work: Ginny Owens



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