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When my pseudo-Pastor of a Dad found out that I was molested, when he really heard me in my 30’s after I told him the story in adult words, he said,

“If I had known that, I would have killed that man.”

Pastor Dad tells me loving words and my guess is, you are a human being who might be able to come to appreciate this story I am telling you too, at least a little. But I don’t want to just be grateful for the story, I want to be respected as a Reverend and Pastor too.

One Reverend of Birdanity, a place that memorializes a story about a Pastor who was a Shepherd to many people. Serendipitously, I had my own Pastor Shepherd back in 5th grade during a time when I was molested, and I’m certain that he did the best he knew how at the time that I went to school there, a place where he was also the Principle of our non-profit wealth and community money. He was doing the best he knew how as a non-judgmental party of One, and when it came to my story, he wanted to let the “he said : she said” be over.

He was a judge, he was a healer, a peace keeper and he was just like a Stephanie, a James, a Max, a Sandy, a Saint and I am absolutely certain beyond a shadow of a doubt that my older Pastors have mentored this younger Reverend well. As this wisdom of all these ages combined, he was just doing the best he knew how at the time. He was just a man who was a Pastor, he was just a Shepherd and he was GRACE to the world too.

Period, end of story?

No more ends of stories until this end of mine when I STOP! being this fe*male* *roar*ing Reverend of some Universal life church I called Birdanity, a heavenly place that I’ve never heard of too. I love my Father, the farmer’s son, and for wanting to kill anyone for me though I know he never would. I love my Mother for protecting me once she realized I was scared, I love my family for encouraging me to speak up and I love this voice and story about an old church we once called our Gethsemane. It was so…

I was so…


~Pastor Stephanie Bird


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