Test: 20180405:21:46 – pic*check*in’…


When people reach out to say they are just checking in, I just want to say thank you. Right here and now, thank you for writing to check in. This is human, we have text available to us at every day and we can choose our words wisely. We can think before we speak and we can hear with both ears and one heart. We are hearing You.

Testing, testing….

Is this thing on?

We are hearing You. But if you asked us to stop texting you, we will not. If you asked to be alone, we will comply and leave you alone. And when you are ready, let WE/us tell you a story too. One about how our mothers and fathers called just to check in. We texted, but that wasn’t enough, We needed more than that because we are family (and family calls).

Today, my family and my friends, they all invaded my life a little by way of my phone after I went to the Emergency Room. They are my friends, but more than this they are in my blood.

That’s how I feel about You too, and do you feel me in your blood too?

(creative writing……)

(do You love me?

you, Yeah, you!)



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