SomeOne was looking at my scars when researching me yesterday. They popped open this world wide web and *PoOF* there is parts of my personal story in black and white. Many of the years and the pages of my book are right here, just for You and the world to see. Someday, maybe, I will stop being so transparent.

The thing about this writing thing is that it is translucent, transparent and transgender. It is freedom of speech and as much as people may want to deny that I exist, I am still here. I am still breathing and I still have One voice.

Maybe I am wrong, maybe I am right, or maybe we are all write and we ala see these weapons that we both hold in our belts. They are wordy weapons of mass destruction when prohibited from expression. When people don’t say what they need to say, we may become weapons of destruction.

My goal is peace. Looking at these scars, I realize the worst pain of a lifetime’s worth of scars is that love is pain too. Love is arguments and violence and protests about that violence. It’s scars and sometimes, we need to express it because there is beauty there too.

~Stephan:ie Bird,

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