20180406: I’m GROUNDED!


Pink Bows from heaven @Birdanity

Have you ever Grounded yourself?

I haven’t owned a car for about 6 months now and I have to tell you, after two decades of ownership, I am really getting use to this non Ownership thing. I feel as grounded as I have ever felt, and it’s just getting deeper to my roots. As a farmers daughter and a minimalist who lives in California, it’s incredible to be required to walk to most places and if I need anything urgent (like this week), I can pull out a phone and at the push of a button, a car service is there to pick me up in minutes.

(button, button, who’s got the button!)

While on my way to the ER this week, the woman who picked me up reported that she was hard of hearing by way of a text message prior to her arrival time. I saw the label on that button and after I got in her car, she asked me to provide her with verbal directions to the hospital. Having been an Uber/Lyft driver myself, I can relate to needing some direction and I knew how to get there, so it was no problem to assist her during my emergency. It’s good to be grounded, even during what feels like an emergency.

My life? Feels grounded and balanced. My Dad asks me how I am getting all my stress out, and what my outlet it? Writing and walking and running and ________. It is this artful release where I create these stories of song. My song.

It’s a story about poetry that I created.

I did that for you, I did it for me and I…

don’t even know when your birthday is?

Sorry, I should be more grounded

about people’s birth dates and names,

but I am not.

Still, I am family?

I forget.

I forgot.

Who you are to me?

Just like everyOne else.




are You?

Talking to?)





~Stephanie Bird@Birdanity



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