20180407:09:02 – Dreams realizeD

I guess I have a dream too. One with images and words about peace in my life and yours. I am wanting peace, but what does that mean?

For me – for we – it means realizing my life’s passion, then working overtime to make things write. It means writing stories about how I was wrong, or at least I think I was wrong too. It means feeling wronged, it means being wrong, it means saying sorry, even on behalf of others by telling other people’s stories that are just like mine. It means being quiet and listening to other people’s stories about how they live and even how they felt inside.

Yesterday, I did that with a woman named Lotti, and she may have possibly changed my whole life trajectory by a few degrees north or south. Observing her pain, I realized she needs the same help that I do and next time, I want to be a stronger person for myself and Lotti.

There’s a whole story about Lotti that isn’t mine to tell, but last night I realized, I need to take the write steps toward a broader spectrum of health. However little or much I was using my escape routes, I am ready to be more present. This is just a decision for me and because I appreciated meeting Lotti and I was even honored to help her for the small amount of time that I could when she was so wasted that she could barely stand.

In the long term though, I’m not sure I can offer her help when I need that same form of help myself, and if I have learned anything in life, it’s this One lesson:

I can‘t teach what I don’t know.

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