Can I tell you a story about a virgin nudist?

Sum years ago, I met a 27-year old virgin named Stephan when we were both wandering around Blacks Beach here in San Diego. For those of you who aren’t local, Blacks Beach is well known for being a nudist space, and when Stephan and I met, he was fully open to being a nudist and I was half way there. He had an incredibly handsome body, I observed his actions to be kind to others, so I walked up to him and asked if he wanted to grab a coffee sometime and we exchanged phone numbers.

After we initially met for that coffee and we were sitting on a porch swing, he nervously shared that he was a virgin who had never kissed anyone. His body was trembling and his voice was shaking when he expressed what felt like a confession, making me absolutely certain that he wasn’t lying. Still, I asked a lot of questions, all of which he answered in glorious ways that only a truth-teller could.

Truth be told, it’s been a few years and Stephan isn’t a “white boy” anymore. There’s a lot of detail to our story as friends that don’t need a whole publication. He is a scientist too and we both still dangle alone and with friends like Adam & Eve when we get the opportunity, but he’s a very discreet man and I want to honor that discretion as much as possible in my writing. We are friends and that’s agape love, so to speak.

Still, part of this scientific story with him is that I’m not the careful or discreet One. I am Stephan, “so to speak”. My hope is that he still loves me despite all these careless stories that I write here, Facebook and via Instragram @Birdanity and even Tumbler..sheesh.

Too, it’s “me” who has this ever-present knowing that someday soon, my friend Stephan is moving away from that Blacks Beach where we met and all these memories. Fear of abandonment aside, I support him in his own adventure to a “better” city, I’ve needed that time of adventure and exploration too.

I moved to San Diego for this story, Steph is an adventure to observe and love, and perhaps I’ll move “her” away again myself to keep exploring with my big dog (up there in the), Sky. Who knows? I’ll bet Sky does and he’s not saying squat about anyone, including these stories about dangling virgin nudists.

Good “boy”, Sky….

~Stephan/ie Bird
Test: 20180409:04:18, over and out


#Sky – Good “boy”, Sky….

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