God..Fears! HypoCONdriacs?


If ‘I’ had a best fear, what would it be?

Burning these bridges to FEAR…together, I would tell you that death is the best I have ever faced. Dancing with death, staring it in the mug, s/he is where and when I lose my connection to all your expressions, then this One voice and vibration. When I fear death, which always means extinction and my connection with history (and herstory)… well without this connection I only have nevers or always to report about fears of death.

My death? It would mean the loss of the most perfect sentence, paragraph and body of contextual words that you have ever read. It would be a body of work just like this entry, and One so fluid that it sunk to your very core and changed you in ways that you only dreamed were possible. You would read “me” again and again, then wonder who this wo/man IS and why has “she” or “we” been writing to You for all these years.

It’s true,

I have been writing to you

and You

for 37 years…

Wandering and wondering about the world, I wrote about those “experiments” with the world. I am all of these stories, this blog, this simple page even, plus my Facebook and Instagram @Birdanity page, all filled with my art and Self expression. There is nothing really left to report, but today’s fear about being a bit of a hypoCONdriac.

This day – mine? – was One filled with wondering about my own death when I pretended to be a hypochondriac. All over a death that I have no idea when will occur, nor do I have any plans for anything but years of wellness. In fact, just today I discussed with a colleague about my personal curiosity to live 930 years like Adam did from the Holy Bible or Bible (or something in italics with a paran-thesis). In any CASE…

Enough is enough with this publicized entry about hypo-CON-driacs and their fears of death. There was a point, and I’m sure you got to that by now. All I am saying is that I’m throwing a little love their way, and because everyone is a bit of a fixer upper. #Me too.

~Stephanie Bird


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