“You,” a music hoarder?


Spark a fire in You,?

#me too: I listen to the most random display of music that you’ve ever seen. It’s 500+ songs of old school iTunes and a playlist of one button they named Shuffle. Perhaps I’ll get there where you Spotify-Jesus freaks live, but I’m not there yet and because I love the vibrations that I’ve already collected. I love like appreciate (and can sing to) every song as though it were a child and I’m not ready to let all these kids go from my library. I’m a music hoarder, if you will.

Speaking of music hoarder, I wanted to also tell you that I am a food hoarder too. As this single wo/man of One, I: 1) buy more groceries than I am able to eat, 2) I accidentally let it go to waste because I didn’t plan my days in sequential order perfectly, then 3) think of the starving children everywhere and 4) get really mad at #me too.

I get “mad” or “sad” because I still have these little ways in my musical and nutritional spectrum of wellness in life that are just so damn imperfect, especially when I live with monks who watch EVERY thing I do, say, and consume.

Seriously though, kid monks, I also still eat ice cream like it’s an occasional crack addiction and that’s just going to have to be OK until it isn’t.

Until I reach perfection and the perfect state of wellness,

I just wanted to report to the world

that I am perfectly?

Blissful, just like

You (even……

when I am


~Stephanie Bird:Test:20180409:19:02



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