4 of 4: Rule #395 – Artists Secrets

Encouraging Comments (and Weird Referrals?)

Rule #395: ‘I am’ 4 of 4 @Birdanity

Can I tell you an artist secret?

I am 4 of 4. I’m not really a guy and I’m not really a nice “fella” either. I’m not really a gal either and though I’m as sweet as apple pie on a Sunday, for some odd reason most of my life I’ve gravitated towards deeper friendships with men than women. Guys, not girls.

I’ve listened to them, I’ve heard their collective voice and each one of them are still speaking in my head. They percOlate. Women and men alike, they are both there. I’ve heard them too and their voice is loud and getting louder and clearer as time passes. I’ve heard their worries, I’ve felt my own fears, I’ve stared them all straight in the third eye and said *ROAR*!

As time passes and I hear these wo/men more and more. I hear #me too. I am getting clearer about my purpose here and it’s to #create/me_too?

It’s to create ME! Like, me? Yeah, me too!

And since I am already rock solid in this foundational alien understanding that I have mutant DNA, I’m going to just go with what I’ve created so far. Don’t You think?

~Stephanie_M_Bird: Test: 20180410:22:17, Over and out…


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