If i had a testImoney?

It would be this One. The One you are reading right here and now. It would be an entire 37 years of existing to express this One sentence: I had a testimony. It was only a test and I passed already.

On this public broadcast system? I wrote it aloud here on the WWW, I expressed my last will to keep living this gender fluid life and a last test-a-mint to my maker, the Creator of mint(s). I told You that I was Stephanie M Bird. I wrote that I was human, and One who had faith to keep this One dream alive until she wrote this One sentence:

I believe in God

the 8 in One

the 4 in One

who made

the heavens

& Earth.

I believe Jesus

was God’s


I believe ‘I am’





<weird chant entered here>


~Stephanie M Bird

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