Word Peace


Take a walk w/ me?

People talk about their fears, and #me too. I even right out my fears write here as I play with them for a while, making this whole page of a wall and this entire room a real mess of wrong words that flow together right somehow, at least to: me: we.

What did that mean? Questions are where the real magic happens. Where I miraculously pick up my own fears about these questions like a good kid, then organize them neatly as I put them back on the shelf like my “Mother May I” trained me. I really am “good” at this. But, does it matter that I’m also the “good witch of the West” and that people talk about their fears with #me, too? That “I” talk of my fears? That I was trained to be Jesus, even though I know I’m not?

All I know right now, and always now, is that a good witch listens with an open heart. Though I’m not perfect at it yet, I have worked harder at learning to listen than anyone I’ve ever met. I listen to the men and I listen to the women and I listen to the gender fluid like me, this mutt of a mix of genders that flow. What I’m hearing about all these fears is that we really do need A voice as women. What I am hearing is that we need One voice to be heard among the many “he said, she said” commentary. Today, just today, I will be a voice of heart-filled reasons to express a voice, yours or mine.

This is my voice. This is it, “me” as this good witch (of the East too). I don’t need to be a large company or a conglomerates worth of perfection at every skill to “speak” about what I know to be true about all the spectrums I have learned about health. In fact, I just need to be heard…

…and just for a moment, I need the construction to stop, I need the road-building to cease, and I need all these chaotic moments labeled “fear of war” to end. I need world peace, and in my life (and Yours, too).

I need peace.

I need to still-nests.

I am peace.

~this is Stephanie M Bird: Test:20180410:05:17, Over & Out

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