Faith ‘In Love’


Dear You,

Are you content ‘as is’?

I am with You. Like a Bird on a branch, I am ready to fly with You. I am also content to sit on this branch ‘as is’ and with all these stories to behold. Rarely do I hear a “new” story, and even when I think it’s new, it’s really older than time too. True stories? I feel them in my skin, the chills and the shivers. I hear the vibrations inside, then I hear and feel You. I am even learning to recognize Your vibration among all others. I am learning to see You in every story, every image, every “he”, every “she”, and every “it”.

Sinking further into these “not it!” moments, I am One with all that has beeeeen. All the misspellings, the older concepts versus the new, and even the misalignments. I am even at peace with who I was before this recent adjustment to my regularly scheduled broadcasting of highs and lows.

Got Zen?

#me too

How did I get this way? I could probably write a whole book about it, but instead I keep writing these letters to You. This One is about this faith that keeps me believing that I did get to the place and the space that I realized, I am right. I am home. I found me. I have the write amount of faith to believe that I am a found Bird, not a lost one. ‘I am’ what I have been looking for my whole life and somehow, it was all write there in front of me the Holy f*time.

All those stories were worth learning. All that flying was worth trying. Even the first 18 years where I was a Christian monk, that was all worth it to be Reverend Bird of a Universal Life Church. One that still believes that everyOne gets to choose their own One religion. In this way, I learned my lessons well and I am more than “good” at what I do best. That’s life, party of One.

I do = to life.


Sure, I have my weaknesses and I still want to beat death to live. But, I have faith in You and that You’ll be there with me at the end of my life. I have this sovereign im/perfect power inside to look for You and fly with You. But, I am just One divine existence…

One Bird

with faith

that I will fly

with You.

~Stephanie M Bird: Test 20180412:05:36

(aka One,

aka Bird,

aka One Bird,

aka..the artist

formerly known as





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