Bird Palace Music Library


this is the plan…

If you try, then find out that you don’t mix with the crowd and these conversations sound like broken chains, that’s when you’ll need me around to provide you with this sound advice that resonates inside your weary brain. But, You gotta keep it quiet and entirely to yourSelf.


You can say what you owe or just pay it as you go, but you can’t take out a loan to make some change. Your brightest star is going black, but it’s not because you lack and it’s not too late to retrack what you saved. You gotta keep me quiet and entirely to yourSelf.

Shh…shh…don’t tell anyOne about Birdanity, it wasn’t all for You,

I’m just keeping the pace, saving my air. Love is a race, can you meet me there? This isn’t a trick. I want to be fair, but love is a race. Can you beat me there? Try to finish first, and I bet this works for You..

I measure the space between our steps, I’m not sure how this happened either, but I’m keeping my pace until it’s just You and me left. It may take days, it may take forever, but love is a race and we are in it together?

So try to finish first, and I will make this work for You..

yeah You?


is #One?

on first?

I dunno, but

(#me too)


(a neighbor)

)an artist

you already met four years ago(

(named “Steph Bird”)

(to: an artist “TJ”)

[maybe in the future?

you’re going to come back

the only way to really know

is to really let it go.

Maybe in the future?

You’re gonna come back?

10/24? Scorpio?!?!!

You’re come back?

Maybe in the future?

The only way to let it go?

You’re going to

come back

FOR: me.


I dunno, I just know.

[S/He will.]

He keeps finding me…

He keeps coming back too…

(Bc Us, Lions are the best!……..)

[at being attentive]

p.s. you are You,

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