It’s about TIME?



Time to observe these cracks, creaks and any crazy spaces that keep me from believing that I am “not good enough” to be with You, to write for You, and even “fit to be human”. Time to step into a better version of mySelf during this life/time’s worth of my life/time and Yours. Physically, nutritionally, and mentally, it’s TIME to shut the f*** up and not explain s*** to nobody. It’s time to get quiet.

IS THIS QUIET?!? I’m not sure how much this writing thing is really worth, but since this is for Me (too), I will still write to You here at Birdanity. It’s just You and me here, right? I will even write to You on Instagram and Facebook and Tumblr and… Though I am just One of many writers, it’s time to become a person who, “ain’t gotta explain shit to nobody,” but writers just like You and…

…if You want to hear Me talk,

that would be a miracle

because nobody is around

to hear You

or Me

so SPEAK!!!

with these wanderings



about time


miracles like this One

they named…

“Steph Bird”

Test: 20180415:06:55

Roger that,

Over and out

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