Quiet FranklY, I am…


Dear quiet Frankly,

Quite Frankly, I am usually LOVE TO THE WORLD and quiet as a mouse, but quite Frankly I realized when I was on a run today that…. I am spit-fire mad at you right now…Spit fire mad and because quite frankly, you are a jerk if I have ever seen One. And, it’s you who deserves to feel “broken up with”. We are done…This letter about you is just a memory now and one of how we are done…SO done and “frank”L Y…., it’s about time.

Goodbye to Frankly, just another dude from California with her virgin nudist stories. Goodbye to dangling virgins and all their boy-gang ways. Goodbye to all that ever could have been and what could be. Yesterday is a closing door and so goodbye to every quiet Frankly who had time to watch all those god damn YouTube videos and play games, but didn’t have a few minutes to read my life’s work. Goodbye quite frankly, to this creative space where I wrote (to/about) you? Yep, this was about you, quite Frankly.

Frankly, I am so tired of chasing this dream that it hurts. I am tired of chasing you when you don’t even have time to read a few words from me? I hurt today, I am bleeding today, and yet again today? You hurt me. You are right, like you said, you are the “asshole!” and too much of a “pussy? to read what I had to write to you and Frankly,

I won’t be reading any more of what you have to say either. We are done playing games. No more texts from me ever again. I won’t receive yours either.

You want to play quiet Frankly games where You block = where I block = where WE block One another from speaking? Believe me, I have gone years without speaking to people who love me and whom I love too. #Me_too.

Sadly? Time is no matter to me_too. I didn’t speak to my own parents and family for years, and I remember forgetting to remember who they were to #me too. I wrote the Bird family a postcard from California to say sorry to the Bird family and One final goodbye. And, I have every intension of going years without speaking to you too, thinking of you and knowing you – and that starts today, quite Frankly.

Here’s your post card.

Goodbye, quite Frankly.

I am sorry that I am done

taking your shit.

What you did to me, Frankly, was wrong. You want me to be there for you in the future? But, it’s you who wasn’t there for me. You weren’t there for me because You didn’t know how to be, I suppose. You weren’t there for me because You were confused, I imagine. You weren’t there for me because you were too immature to relate to how I feel, you say. You weren’t there quite Frankly, this is all I know for sure.

You weren’t there when I needed you…

And quite Frankly, this is a letter for me to remember just another failure at being love to the world, and to the one more time I thought maybe, but…

We are done = today and in the future, quite Frankly. We are done with our future and like He wrote in the Holy Bible, I’m not going to let the Sun go down on this wrath because this letter is for me to be mad at you, quite Frankly. This is your Goodbye letter. A letter written when I was so angry with you that I could spit fire on this



or just…








And quite Frankly?

My periodS started. Again.

and it still hurts like HELL


I gotta get some help….


go for a walk…

Just another Test:


Copy that,

Over and out,




Peace out,



~Steph Bird

[aka, quiet Frankly]

[aka, quite Frankly]

[aka, Frank]






Are You





Are You?










“when I’m mad”


I’m mad?

the grass will wither

and the flowers will fall

but these words

are what will last


Sorry, I am mad…



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