whut as tHiS, cHeRch?!?!?


Is there ever a right church?

A light church, a right One? Aren’t they all? Nah, I doubt it, at least I haven’t found just One that is totally right for me or on the light side of life. A few of them are into meditation, while others are down with dancing, and yeah, I tried a lot of dancing churches, but who’s to say which One was right?


#Birdanity was right for me, this is all I know.

It was the right space for me to grow

and expand these wings.

It was a place where I could become light,

where I could *breathe* and then exhale.

It was for a Bird,

it was for me

and it was for You,



But you just got here, didn’t You.

Welcome to….

the right place for You today

and tomorrow, I hope

come back again

real soon…Y’all

come back




~Steph Bird



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