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Just for a moment…

I will believe that LuckY#188 will find You,

Let it be this sentence, let it be this phrase, this art on a map of Big Sur and this statement that keeps You, coming back with commas and words about this art-work and sketches and one-of-a-kind paint/brushes. Let today and tomorrow and the next day after be the day that you read this art-filled statement and you say something back about my Art?

Just for a moment, can we feel Lucky#188 together?

Well I’m not sure I believe in LUCK either, truly, but,

Comma, *gulp* I do believe in love…in everyOne,

I believe in Lucky#188 posts of letters to You,

So just for a moment, let it be Lucky#188

Let You, be Lucky#188 to me,

Lucky that I found You,

Lucky me,



Stephanie Bird

I am not sure who she is either,

but this “says” she loves me in poems.

from Cali, it’s freaky Friday.. quite frankly, comma, **gulp**.



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