Writing for You?


Writing for You?

It’s 5am again and here I am, seeking You here. I look for you everywhere, even when I know that You don’t exist. Or do You? Clearly, you do because You are reading this and good morning to you too, my love.

I lost an earring yesterday and serendipitously, it reminded me of an old story I heard when I was a kid. One about a woman who lost one gold coin among many, yet she searched for it as though it were her child. That’s how I feel too, and when I write that I search for You here, yet never find You. There are gold (and diamonds) everywhere, but Yours is the only One Piece of Gold that I want to find here.

Like my precious Sky, I am a golden retriever too. A golden retriever who.. needs some dental work and a long vacation from an already vacation-filled destination of a stress-filled life. No complaints really, but this ache for One piece of gold among many is speaking to me softly (and them’s good words).

~Stephanie Bird (+ Sky)


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