Live Writing! #Take_One

Live Writing! #Take_One


It feels like…

I don’t want to learn how to click another Button anymore. Button, button, where is that button, I “say” and I don’t say anything because I pressed a button to say it these days. Of course, there is being on stage, audio, video and live performances of, “testing, testing, is this thing on?”

Yes it is “on” and here I am, W-R-I-T-I-N-G aloud with the flick of a right button in sequential order from my heart to my head to my fingers and toes. Writing without concern for capital letters. Here I am, coming to you live from Cardiff-by-the-Sea, CA, where this live writing thing gets real and way too personal.

What is also real are all these buttons and sentences this morning. Prior to writing here, I ventured into other sites, opting to read about how Silence Killed the Dinosaurs of expecting parent Lucy Grove-Jones and WSJ’s When the Twitter Mob Came for Me by fellow writer Kevin D. Williamson. Two articles on drastically different topics, but both written with the care and concern of several button’s worth of time.

After reading all these articles today, and even the ones I’ve read over the last 37 years, I feel as though all these button pressings must be silenced. Freedom of speech must be stopped, and it seems almost silly to say that humans must be silenced, but is this true? I’m not sure, especially when journalists like Kevin D. Williamson express that they want to see me lynched for having had an abortion and it’s his legal right to talk about it at the press of a button.

Regardless the topic,

freedom of button-pressing

must be stopped!

But wait,

is that true?

You tell me,

I’m still writing here

LIVE (to You,).

Waiting for your LIKE

Your YES

Your comment or

Your Reply?

~Stephanie Bird

p.s. I feel uncertainty when I write. Still, this LIVE Writing thing is real. However strange it may seem, there was one paragraph to what Lucy wrote that struck a chord inside. Her words didn’t just apply to a heart-breaking miscarriage, they had everything to do with how I feel today about my own life…

“I didn’t cope well with the uncertainty. I spent every spare moment wrapped into an igloo of blankets either sleeping or reading so that I didn’t have to think about the fact that, no matter how hard I wanted to hold on, I could feel my body letting go.”


have you ever felt

that quite frankly,

no one cares!

if this body

is letting go!

I do…..

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