Home? Lost in my mind!


I’m Back…?

Hello world, I hope you are listening. Forgive me if I’m young or speaking out of tongue. But, there’s someOne I’ve been missing and I think that they might be the better part of me. There are in the wrong place trying to make it right, but I’m tired of justifying. So I say to you,

Come home…

Come home……

‘Cause I’ve been waiting for you for so long. For so long! And right now? There’s a war between the vanities, but all I see is you and me. The fight for you is all I’ve ever known. So come home!

Home? I get lost in the beauty of everything I see. The world ain’t as half as bad as they paint it to be. If all the sons and if all the daughters stopped to take it in, well hopefully the hate subsides and the love can begin. It might start now. Well maybe I’m just dreaming out loud. Until then,

Come home

Come home!

You don’t want to lose me now?

Someone to save you?

Dreaming out loud?

I’m lost in my mind?

You’re already home where YOU feel love?

Oh my brother?

Oh my sister?

Your wisdom is older than me.

Oh my brother, don’t you worry about me.

Don’t you worry about me!

How’s that

How’s that bricklayin’ comin’?

How’s your engine runnin’?

Is that bridge gettin’ built?

Are your hands gettin’ filled?

Won’t you tell me, my brother?

‘Cause there are stars

Up above

We can start

Moving forward!

Where does the music come from?

It could be right in front of you

With so many seats to choose from

You sit where you always do

’til you won’t someday

No more crying from the balcony

Go find your front row seat

Don’t be a stranger to the


Feel your real heartbeat?

Where does peace of mind come from?


could be



in front

of You!


A creative Sunday mash
of art/lyrics
by Stephanie Bird
Chris Trapper
The Head And The Heart
One Replublic

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