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~Steph Bird

Who let You go?

Who let me go?

Who let You go?

I feel it inside. Down in my Soul. I just can’t hide these things I know. We could be friends, and I promise that it won’t go bad. But hopefully this story ends with Me doing OK. It’s OK, I ain’t got nothing I never had, so let’s take it slow.

Who let me go?

EveryOne. At one time or another. Everyone.

Someone must have loved me, not the way that You do I’m sure, but you are missing what I am trying to say. Ain’t nothing going getting in my way.

So tell me that’s fantastic?

And promise you’ll always *sigh*. I find it so romantic when you look into my beautiful eyes and lose control.

Who let me go?

No One.

No one needs to, that’s all you can do. Is wait and not fall asleep. Don’t let anyone know you are coming and simmer down, letting your eyes hang low. Sit in meditation and look for…

the next? job.


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