This writing thing, this dreaming of being a writer thing, it all started in Big Sur (several years ago). I need to be back there again. Today, I feel like I need to be in a beautiful place again. There is something special to me there and I need something special.

About me? I don’t want to write this art anymore either, these stories about me and these stories about my life’s work. I don’t even want to express my personal life. I want to let go of writing for a little while and just go away to write somewhere about wandering around in nature. That’s what I need – nature – feeling natural around a community of natural people.

There is something wrong with you…

Can You hear me?

Do you read me?

Do You copy?

My friend “E” tells me that she things there is a major energy shift and because she was sick all last night too. After being so ill for such a long time… I told her it was a dream to leave too. To run, I need an adventure for a while, and to disconnect from the lights and the sounds and the…to be with new friends or maybe just one old one that i haven’t seen for a while.

Maybe I need to be like Jesus for a while with Forty days of “my life on the road” or “out in the wilderness” would be nice too. Being a young writer, trying to take off. Where do I go?

When Birdanity is where I took off already.

Do you see “me” here?

Birdanity is my Book of Life. It’s also a complete and accurate historical record of this life as One wo/man they named,

~Stephanie Bird~

p.s. my head hurts will all these words, brain synapses and connections that never existed before. It’s a nightmare of wires up there, but it’s me (steph bird, your friend?


and… why?

is that?)


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