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God, I’m really going to do it “guys”. I’m really going to write for the rest of my life and have no kids. Which is sad because I’m baby crazy. I love kids, I LOVE kids. The only thing I love more than kids though is doing anything I want at all times.

If you have kids though, I’ll bet your kids are a great measurement of time. But when you don’t have kids, all you have to measure time is 9/11. Which leads me to a funny story about the first time I tried weed when I was on top of the World Trade Center, and there was some sort of weird thing going on. But that was my old life and it’s an old story where I didn’t die. It’s hard to explain.

Anyway, “Kanye West” took me to lunch once when I was in New York and it was exciting, except we didn’t have much in common. We exchanged ideas and we listened, but mostly we just ended up supporting Alzheimers research that afternoon.

While “they” party, I am astral traveling with them.

~Stephanie Bird

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p.s. Kids… this is my brain health and prevention…

This is my 24-hour a day,

7-day a week:

Request to You

to write

for free for everyone

for the rest of our lives.


where….Someday, we’ll find it..

the RAINBOW connection:

the astral party with:

The lover(s).

The dreamer(s).

and me…

~Steph Bird

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