Carlos?…calling all Carlos!


There’s always a Carol…

Or is it Carlos? I’m not truly sure that it matters, these names, handles and labels, but there is always a Carlos coming for me. There has to be…

I manifested Carlos. Meeting him yesterday in “my” park, walking up to his table and his guitar, that was no accident. We were destined to meet, Carlos and I.

But let’s not get ahead of Carlos, throwing myself into “a future” story with anyone is silly. He is “Jesus” and so am I. Two Jesus’ lifestyles is probably too many for that surfer’s paradise that he lives in by the park.

Carlos? or Carol? or whatever his name was? Eh, I don’t even know, and that’s all I know for sure today. Today being the day after I met Carlos and he played his guitar with me in the park, I sang a bit in the background, we talked about life and music, then we parted ways like two humans could.

We partied with vibrations, we parted with feet, and then we flew. I may never see that Bird again and that’s OK……..

These joyS of a gypsy life…

with Carlos?


~”Steph Bird”

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