To: “my” people…



but, who is

“this patient”?

This fill-in-the-blank patient?

And who are all “THESE PEOPLE“?

…and why are they separated from “me”?

I am part of “those people” and I am that “one person” actually on that letter. I am fill-in-the-blank. One who posts art like the above here, and to my social media profiles for all of my family, friends and colleagues to observe. I’m a terrorist in writing, a terrorist with art, and it’s embarrassing they say, but who are these people anyway?

And, why haven’t these people ever seen a doctor and received a prescription?

I needed to make art out of my old letter. A letter and a memory of a feeling when I identified with those trial and error prescriptions [that have simply done wonders for my brain (and lifespan)]. After all that wonder in medicine, all I have learned, in theory, is that I had a medical condition. Past tense.

At this present moment, I am medically condition-free which should be pretty great news, right? It’s just this damn memory and haunt of cancer though, and I need to go to the dentist because my jaw is starting to hurt. Literally, and not in a, “you will like it” kind of way.

We all seem to have a little pain in our lives, don’t we? Even as I write, the alert on my phone from the WSJ is asking me if I “believe” that convicted terrorists should be ready for life after prison. Does the WSJ realize that I don’t believe in anyone and that “these terrorists” were “rehabilitated” in a place where “THESE PEOPLE?!?” have “CREATED MORE PRISONS than ever before…?”

…and who are “THESE PEOPLE” anyway?

…and why are they separated?

from “me”?

I am part of “those people”

I am a “terrorist” too?


no, but I am feeling that “prison” actually.


And who are these people anyway?


~Steph Bird


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