~My first diary, circa 1987 “year book”

What next?

After years of written entries in this diary, I learned that they quit on me again. They fired me up, I fired back, and I’m not sure yet what that all means. When it comes to reasons for change, the question will always be what next?

Today, there’s a next day, a next morning and an, “I’m sorry, but the damage is done.” That damage is also part of the joy, the ecstasy and these intensional changes that may lead to my departure from San Diego for a lifetime. It’s my life and it’s time for this Bird to fly solo again…

Who am I?

Why am I here?

These are the questions of my lifetime. The questions all my friends and family want to answer during their life. If I may, who are you now and why are you reading this today?

Were I to answer this question today? My life answers have meant becoming a healer, a coach, a professional, a Reverend, an artist, a vocalist, an actor, a human resource, and one sovereign nation “under God.” It’s sorta funny actually, one little girl : boy from white Idaho turned out to be One black-sheep of a traveling sovereign nation that I call Birdanity.

Birdanity? Here and accounted for in these United State of America. But, I am not “under” God, I am not “over” God, nor am I any bigger, better or faster than the God of my understanding. I have faith that “my” God is bigger, better and faster than I am. I also have faith that my diary from 1987 was a pretty accurate reflection of who I am today, and who I will also become.

You too?

I really do wonder on this good Friday of rest for my brain and release for my heart. Today is my “vacation” day. Today is my next day after a day that changed my life.

You too?

Do you feel me?

Do you read me?

Come in?

Come in, over….

Do you copy?

~Stephanie Bird, circa 2018

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