Not worth a nickel,

Wisdom of the ages tells me that writing personal stories like Birdanity will never be worth a nickel. Wisdom tell me that when I do this writing thing for no reason, but love, it is worth nothing. I even hear that it’s “better” to be quiet often.

Maybe they are right about that legacy wisdom of quiet solitude, but this morning I want to reach out to the equally wise people who read this for comments. Each day people “like” my work here, and any feedback about Birdanity and what we’ve developed here so far?

I ask because I have more than 10K unread emails in all of my Inboxes, and for me that old form of email exchange just isn’t as effective as it use to be. Unfortunately for me, email is the reason “you” are going to have to “show up with tacos” if we are friends and you want to chat.

Sure, maybe “showing up” is not all that effective to many or even appealing, but we can agree to disagree there. It’s been my experience that people want to be heard. Within all of those unread emails, there were at least a few from friends that I’ve never read.

If you are that friend and I never read/replied to your email or text even, I’m sorry that I didn’t find your message among all the mass marketing campaigns. If you could do me the courtesy of coming to Birdanity, the place I “work”, and posting a Comment here, I will respond asap.

Thanks in advance for your time when speaking kindly to help this human plant grow..

Steph Bird



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