Oh, Birdanity…

What a day, I don’t even know where to begin. I wasn’t able to go into work today as I’m not feeling well, and oddly enough my mind is actively engaged in nesting. Nesting and nestling myself further into Cardiff-by-the-Sea, I’m also ready to fly away from this oasis of a place that is my space in time.

I love California.

It isn’t just my space though, there are a lot of other people around me in this heavenly city. A lot of humans, neighbors and friends. One of them messaged me just today and asked me if I wanted to give him a BJ. It’s weird when friends do that, but some might say that’s just the nature of the beasts who I run with.

I keep dreaming about Big Sur lately, and really a vacation from my life would be pretty spectacular right now. It’s almost like everything is going to be OK for a long time, and because it’s been months now since I started feeling “like me”. Months and months where and when I feel this massively creative euphoria.

I have been explosive expressive, and even intense in sandy grit and “self esteam”. These words hit me like a tidal wave, except it’s a Title Wave and they are creative to say the least. In any case, I need to stop creating title waves for a while and I’m not even sure I’m ready for a wave.

Come to think of it? Maybe these oceans are what is causing this intense swing of emotional creativity. Having lived in Cardiff for over a year now and California for four +, maybe I need to seek stiller waters. I’m not sure, but I have been getting sick and I’m not sure yet what to do, but say:


And who cares really. Me + Sky = that’s the simple truth. Sky just wants to be near me and perhaps that’s enough love in life, I guess..

~Steph Bird

“Follow your bliss and the Universe will open up doors for you where there were only walls.”

~Joseph Campbell




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