I paid a visit to North Park yesterday to hear another shaman, and the woman who picked me up for my Lyft was named Kathy. Serendipitously enough, she was the perfect person to meet because on that 45 minute ride, I listened to her beautiful chatter about how I am from another planet. Kathy believes that my planet is likely called Plutonia, and I am a “super seed”. The story was infinitely perfect and at the end, she handed me her card and told me to, “message her to get more information.”


She’s probably right, it’s good to be a psychic Lyft driver from Plutonia and not from the “friends” of people who stole my old money and a bit of my old future yesterday. I felt this moment coming, and here it is, right here on planet Earth where I live under this God of my understanding.

Thank that God, here this day is. They did exactly what I thought they would do, those old scrooges. They stole from me, wrote me a letter that never literally got sent, all with hopes I would be back again. But, returning to the scene of the crime is highly unlikely anytime soon.

I am done with a bleeding heart for my old “friend(s)”. They are done, and the joy of yesterday is that I never have to be punished by those bleeders again. I never have to return to be their warrior with this heart and these words. I never have to sell anything, trade anything or beg for people’s time.

It’s all over. I never have to do any of that again, but find my feet here on Earth (not Plutonia?) and maybe garden outside to soak up some time. That’s all I really needed. Time = my time on Earth.

As I walk into a sunset’s worth of time (that I literally always owned), I walk away knowing I was honest 99% of the time. Laying down any arms they feel I carried, I walk from the battle with a smile on my face after that honest story where I worked at a place where everyone lost and won. I will remember that story because I remember all their stories. I even have them all recorded in the tiny black box (in my hand).

Now that’s all over, I will trust that She (god) is in control of everything, including my memories, my words, my recordings, my arms, my heart and my head. Writing these words with those arms, that version of God is my faith that I will be made wholy.

Speaking of Faith, I’ll need to research a planet called Plutonia today because it turns out that I am a “super seed”. This super seeded story is endless and infinitely perfect. Now that we are almost at the end, no worries about, “messaging me to get more information about what planet you are from.” I have no idea, and I am here on Earth with you, friend.

Psychics (like me)…

Psychics (love = me)…


~Steph Bird


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