My Mother

would get upset

if I said this aloud,

but I called mY mother

today 18′

and never told her aLoud

I am having an episode




i never told her

i was in a TV episode(s),

staRRoraring “me”,

written by “me” and

Created by “yours, Truly”

My mother?

I never said anything

about “me”

instead we

talked about







mental health?

is a beautiful thing!

and this..

is a seriously

Animated episodE

of “my” life

as “steph Bird”


as these


colorS are vibrant

i ride these waves

with You,

in Spirit

(me + you = 8)

p.S. When my mother reads this,

she probably won’t get it

and that’s OK.

I got (me).

(that One time…)

p.s.S. The quick story tucked inside this poem is that like many of Us, i called my mom today. We talked flowers and art, then I wished her a happy Mother’s day. I also wished I could tell her the whole truth, and nothing but the truth (so help Us, God). Instead, I shared the parts that make Us happy because that’s how I want my Mother to feel love(d) + “happy”.

“What’s next?” is the question of her day and dear God, I have no idea what I’m going to do tomorrow, much less next ____. Maybe stare out into the sea for a while and watch the tides come and go as they will until i discover a solution. That’s about the only thing I feel is fairly certain, there will be tides of time (to stare)


Periods of Work?!? My mom asked me if I wanted to get a “traveling job” and I’m not quite sure what that is yet, but she’s usually pretty spot on. I even wrote down her prediction, and hell, why not travel more and do some “good” deeds around the world? It would be sweet to just get lost for a while (WITH SKY + 1), provided I have a little black box.

I want to be homefull, homeless, and I want to be a world famous flyer with a little black box in my hand. In the end, that’s all there will ever be with all these tiny little black boxes.

Except, for those beautiful

minds = tides of time.

Homeless, here I






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