Close to the moment

i wake,

this brain

reminds itself

that i am alOne,

love(d) and

To0-Day is SUN-day. That really means nothing because MON-day will be the same as SUN-day, which will be the same as TOes-day and WED-day and… Seven? days a week, 52 weeks a year, 24/7, I have love…

Days and days,

lovely ways,

filled without


“Mr. moon”


Having written for almost three decades about my Sun days, I’ve also observed many MoonS of men come and go from my nights. I named each moon of a partner who remained in orbit, including Stephan, Joey, Troy, Jordi, Matt and ______. Years of heat were exchanged between us during the day and at night(s) when each of these wo/men was also a lover and best friend.

Who is my best friend now, my lover? no One, but me. I am the last wo/man standing in orbit. Without a moon, lover or best friend, I am whole and complete as the Sun. Bright, constant and same as I ever was.

Remembering To0, sum days it may seem that this Sun feels too hot and bright to be near. I may hurt people in life with my light. No worries if you feel the burn that I do (lately). SUN-day (very soon) I will embrace another Moon. One who is strong enough to remain in orbit until the end of my tiMe,

~Steph Bird


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