Do i speak in Code?

Do i write in Bar,

QR, HTML, SQL, eSpanYõl, or engdeLish?

Which is I.T. and witch Code

is write? Right…

I’m not sure,

but I trI too.

i trY,

and watch out now

because i might blow

Your mind!

Blown completelY,

i’ll have a smoke

and a drink (water, man’).

You call me a Coder?

A Mountain of a wo/Man?

Watch… this little mountain

swallow you whole.

It’s You,

who was always the Mountain to move.

And, I know how to move Mountains like You.

Consciously or subordinate,

dominant or submissive,

which is my opposite?

i’m not sure,

but I figured out how

to forgive and forget You.

I figured out how to love

mountains in me,

then move them.

I did that coding.

I created that code,

inside and out.

Here it all is too,

in BirdanitY




~Steph Birdanity

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