MORE?!? about Jesus!

MORE?!? about Jesus!



Seriously kids, sometimes the pull to write is Spirit/ual. Often my focus is on One thing alone = me + You. Making this writing thing the least or most narcissistic activity I have ever adventured. I’m sorry? But seriously, i’m not the slightest bit sorry that i write You so often and feel so damn much.

Jesus? I change everyday too. Every day that I am Single and alive, my body changes as a child does. My brain still leans in to learn like that of a child, I listen for the same lessons we all seek. I feel them before I think, hear, smell, see or know.

Or are all the

messages above

the other way


this merry-go round,


People tell me I am brilliant, brave and the brevity from/to/for God inside here is EXTREME. My roots may sink deeper than some may sum, but God? I don’t even know Who that is! And I’ve been searching for almost 38 years as an empathic and telepathic, living one giant science experiment. I feel You, man’!

I do, and whether you want that or not I am going to feel you before I see you. I love You too, and THAT label of an emotion is stranger than fiction to believe. Love?

But.. we’ve never met?!?

Damn, I’m sorry if I see You. I listen for your movement and when your heart thinks of me too, I can feel You too. You don’t even have to say a word, though you mother may i (and please do)!

Then, if it’s right, or write, or wrong, you got Us both thinking and feeling about You (or me?). Its ESPecially weird when all that happens.

Stop thinking of me? LOL!

46EA3CF2-61CA-4C01-8BB2-4A07A6AF56D6“in Jesus! name I pray, Amen!”


Steph Bird

p.s. Like me or not, Jesus! carries all my, “assumption of risk”, and Jesus was MY BEST Story. Hell, Jesus will be the best man at my Wedding! LOL



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