I don’t chat much online about Marco Ortiz @beachlifeboss because I want to keep my foundational friends all tucked inside this heart and these little Bird wings. Still, when he asked me to become a Birdanity Certified Life Coach on the eve of BF day, I felt honored and proud to be considered his best friend.

Recently, my BFFL Marco also reflected concern that I would pick up and move to BFE without telling him. I might move to Bum F***ing Idaho in dreams, but I want to confirm that there is nothing to fear in Idaho. Adventurous as I may be, I promise not to leave any town without notification to the parental authorities, and ESPecially to those BFF for Lifer’s here in San Diego county.

In my head? Click, click, click ~ I am here talking at You. This is a true and personal story, and please understand that these capital letters, run-on sentences, and grammatical ‘errors’ are by design. I’m a “brilliant” 37-year old child writer, after all.

If we are friends? I listen for your capital letters, your sentences, and your stories in comments and personal reflections about your life. Then I tell You about my life and stories too. I can get outrageous for some, yet with others I am docile and meek. I also feel the most open when I trust you to stick around for a while after my stories about the sexes and sex.


Marco? He knows I am all wo/man in every moment and he saw me transition. I am female. I am male. I am fluid wo/man. That’s this life story.

Repeating that old story, I even documented proof in my first diary from age seven that I am Stephan AND Stephanie. Back then, I was and still am both, and gender fluid. Each label, whatever identity this is, I’ll probably wave that super-hero’s banner and splash some color A LOT more before I die.

“Genders may become fluid,” them’s fighting words sometimes. They are words and ways of a warrior because it’s a minority and a lost cause.

Fighter or flighter, I was still feeling a bit wounded and tired when I saw Marco tonight. He is a friend for life, and perhaps because we literally observed each other stare at personal machines for HOURS on a daily basis, then checked in on each others lucidity occasionally to confirm life. That’s friendship <~> from Cell ‘B’ to Cell ‘M’.

Today, on national Best Friends day, I post Marco’s certificate. It’s nothing fancy because I’m not here to be fashion. I also recognize I may have written this better tomorrow, so feel free to send edits today. Regardless of the bedazzles, I am deeply honored to offer this first online Birdanity Life Coach Certificate to Marco Ortiz.



Marco asked to be a Birdanity Life Coach. He also trusts me personally and professionally, and has proven to be a child-like heart. He has a compassionate nature filled with spirit, intelligence, humor and a deeply stoked fire inside, he loves music, he respects kids and our games, and he is an all-around good person.

Marco also listens with as little judgment as any human I’ve met, and I’ve observed him help crazy people like me move multiple mountains of stuff, including me. For all these reasons and so many more moments we have shared and probably will, he has my gratitude for life.

Birdanity Life Coach

If you are interested in becoming a Birdanity Certified Life Coach, please send your request to:

A Bird
PO Box 1273
Cardiff, CA 92007

When requesting a certification, please send me a piece of your art (safety first, please) so as to request a peace of mine. It’s also helpful to know why you feel you deserve that certificate, and including return postage (and donation$?) to create something personal.

Finally, I refuse the right to refuse coaching service to anyone and will respond asap.



Steph Bird

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