S****, when you holy start to see your own reflection in others, when you wipe the glass and it’s my face for just a moment, that’s when you’ll know. I’m in your head and You are in mine too. Magic and it’s physically impossible, I didn’t even try to perform in front of you, but I am just like you (me too).


I am One character in this One story write here on Earth. Stephanie Marie Bird, I wake up in this One skin every morning that has freckles and is presently a lil’ sunburned. The same area on my nose gets reindeer red. That’s why we use zinc when it’s available, and definitely spreading on some of that vitamin D.



There is only One voice ~> mine, yet I also hear 10,000+ other whispers screaming for mercy and grace, forgiveness and communication. All those voices want to be heard and God, me too.

Loving what is, are you a whisper of a voice that wants to remain?

If that is the true story ~> your Case, I would ask that you consider my words wisely. I’m not always going to step into your reality to speak the words you want to hear, but I will tell you what you need to hear.

Letting these words sink in, tomorrow or never, give me a shout if you feel it’s appropriate ~> send me a letter ~> whatever you need to do to get attention in safe ways. Find ways to help (me and you, please). Finally, stay safe, San Diego ~> and fear not, i know how to sing Amazing Grace (and i will use it!)

Steph Bird

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