Bird Up for Adoption!

Hello, my name is Stephan!e Marie Bird and I was born on 8/4/80 in Blackfoot, Idaho. I own a word called Birdanity and that’s where write, counsel, create art, then made IG profiles @birdanity @birdanityart @birdanitylifecoach @medicineofart and @skybirdanity so we help all those in need too.

Presently, my golden retriever Sky and I live in Cardiff~by~the~Sea, CA where we’ve lived and worked for more than 18 months. Change is coming though: in the last month I lost both my job and home and thus a need for ADOPTION?!?

After being “gently released from FT employment”, I was also evicted by someone from that old company for playing music a bit too loud. Oddly enough, the eVictors are two women who called me friends for 18 months.

I’m still not totally sure what stories happened here, no worries. Two other housemate reasons for eViction include: 1) forgetting to flush the toilet a few times and, 2) a few balls of hair from Sky, the loveliest dog you will ever meet. Sky is an angel.

Cardiff~by~the~Sea has been great, and it turns out that Sky and I’s community will miss us a bit too as the final note in my eviction letter also read, “..on a personal note, my esteem for you as a person has not changed – I care for you as a friend, and I truly with you the best.”

With peace in mind that I tried to rectify those situations to find neutral again, Sky and I need to find another home in less than 60 days. August 9th, to be exact. Unlike the man on the street that I am helping, Rob!n, I have this personal computer and these lungs to ask you write here and now if YOU will consider adopting me?

You NEED family?

I ask for a new tribe and family, and because last week is also the last time I want to speak to the Bird family for a long while. It hurt too much the last time to keep defending this peace of mind, and I need time to recover. Please understand, I love the Bird family from Idaho dearly, and this is not the first time that they all rejected me. That happened when I came out too. Back then, the Bird’s and I didn’t chirp together for nearly two years.


Leaving the Bird family also happened when I was identified as being insane, and when I came out of the trangender fluid closet. All my family and friends said, “WHAT?!? NOT STEPHANIE! SHe was too QUIET…” The Bird family has never quite recovered, and each time I discuss fluidity the subject of my mental health almost immediately comes up.


The Bird’s ask me 1) what I am eating, 2) when I saw a doctor, 3) my sugar intake, 4) my supplements, and 5) how I could adjust my life to improve it and make myself more comfortable. They agree with me that over-supplementing life is not a valid solution for what ails anyone, but they have no idea what to do with this strength or the energy behind this movement for change.


Birdanity, is where I post my gender fluid art, where I write every single day, and the organization I started more than 7 years ago. I am a movement of One, and as I log in here today I recognize there are many movements among Us. At this point, I’m deciding which stream is going my way and the fastest current to get there.

In this way, I am reaching out to my community, I want to let you know that I am serious about looking for adoptive parents who understand gender fluidity, then life partners to navigate through this valley of my life with me. I can’t walk this life alone, here in Cardiff or any other state of existence. It’s tiring sticking one more day Bird pack (or patch) without first asking for some new parents.

Will you adopt me today?

I promise, I don’t bite often and I have never hit anyone, though I confess that I pushed a neighbor once in Carlsbad when I thought she was trying to steal my mail. Back then, wish I would have just given it to her if she wanted it so bad.

Finally, I recognize I’m 37 years old, going on 38. I also observe that people often love me, even though I’m a little eccentric and weird. Welcome to this world where I make art out of my fluid body in strange ways that still offend people, and I’m not ever going to be sorry again. Not sorry for this skin that God gifted me when miraculous DNA bonds occurred, the pale texture of it’s hue, or taking a picture of it to make art.

Look away if you need for a time, no worries. Now, about that adoption…


Steph (bird)

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