<i am> NOteacher <Selah>

i am NO teacher.


Reading sllooooooowwwwww

Watch the CAPITALS

Watch the lower cents

The lower case

THe lower Courts

Watch all those

Story after story

Taking IT

Peace by piece

Let this sink in


and again…


and again…


and again…

i am NO teacher,


i am NO student.

i am LIFE:


even when they say,

“Mom, Mom,

look at the pretty Bird!

Look, Mom, LOOK!”

, said every child

<to their Gods.>

WILD? life?

i might use phrases

like these to help

people understand

the devil’s advocate

they play

and we can ping:pong

the ball back:forth

until the competition is over

and someone won,

but did they?

The test

is how XTimes

you allow the ball

to go back:forth

before you put

the keyboard down

and realize No One cares

who w0n,

except for You!

“assumption of RISK!”

Were they the winner?

when you felt like a loser?

Did they act like the winner

after you felt like a loser?

Quite frankly,

I don’t know who is write

anyMore than SHe does

and MAN,

that shows a true character,

doesn/t IT?

when someone was

an EXcellent winner?

No, it doesn’t actually.

I’ve felt winner

in all different ways.

I’ve fallen from grace

more often than I have ever won

and those were the better lessons,

in my prideful opinion.

give me more failures

give me more homeless

give me more people

who need help>MORE

i am here to SERVE

i will SERVE:Life



Ever After (happily)

Poem after poem

I will think by Heart

writing the eXact opposite

of every life Sentence

or a totally strange poem

like this ONE…

about nothing

that is!




I dunno what the f*** this is

Stephan Bird, but You know

Who You are

Don’t You?


in an effort to help mySelf

and You understand

I just wanted to “say”

that we are all

the advocate:DEVIL.


that our

legal battles

are over in my head

yet still recognizing

that a sum of paperwork

needs to be resolved

when making ART out of IT

all that sh!t? it’s time to move on

from that old tune.

Sure, I’ll

keep the art i need,

but the rest of IT

iT’s Yours, man’

i’m Burning what i wrote!

Burning my life,

to it’s very essence,

finding again

that i already



will ever have

the essential oils

that i need to survive,

is there anything more to Write?

Whatever that old song is

that i was singing

about how i was wronged

and you were write?

You were right,

i was wronged,

i was right,

i was wrong too,

and it’s over.

Victim or eVicted,


and take a moment

to breath and realize

the death:life of this moment.

Inhaling and eXhaling

with each sound


as it pleases You,



p.S.elah: exclamation (in the Bible)

occurring frequently
at the end of a verse
in Psalms and Habakkuk,
probably as a musical direction.

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