Rule#0: Grow SEX organs,

Rule#1: Break All the Rules!

Rule#2: Act All Crazy?

Rule#3: Snap the Wardens Butt,

Rule#4: DO What pleases “me”?

p.S. remembering too!

Your SEXual health? woMen,

You want to talk about:

Sex?!?! and PAIN?!?!

if Ever another member

of the opposite SEX

told You that you

were not tHeir type? or,

if you’ve ever had Duck tape:

ripped off Your naked butt?

or had your “man”hood…

ANGERedddd in front

of the ENTIRE ____\_____

displaying a hormone MONSTER

in front O da’



THAT feels like RAPE to,

Men, too!

ESP when we laughed, lady…

<or so i hear 👂 >

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