Steph Bird, 16yrs old


Staging is happening today in the Birdanity background like it’s a revelation. All the podiums are being built to the right and left. This training practice of brothers and sisters is beginning to get louder. This one voice is being tested, over and again.

We say,

“Testing, testing – Is this One voice ON?”

A1868551-36D9-4B10-B203-D46270988520YES! As a vibrational instrument of One, I will rise and speak for me too. With you in Spirit, we will rise when the time comes and we will glow with laughter, I will cheer for you, then we will sing.

I will sing with everyone and that will be the day, won’t it? “Revelations” or something like that, right? That’s the story my leaders told me from the beginning anyway and God, this feels like a revelation.

We all know that Revelation day was coming my WAY faster than we wanted to appreciate. We felt it and now we know it to be true. “God” was quite a biblical “story” to tell this Bird from her mother’s womb.

“Somebody” may have stepped into a soul to write these words, and someone else may have be in control. Either way, I am certain that One Spirit is still speaking now. It is “me”, it is “we” and we all speak, ready or not here we are.

IMG_5052God knows it wasn’t easy being told that I was an angel as a child. I was an introverted scribe who had to learn to sing on stage. The Bird family can contest that ‘I’ was fairly quiet when I was young, but I turned into a “WE” with age and then had to sing on the beach, the streets and even until we got evicted for singing..

‘I’ did all that singing and it was ALL my fault for being WAY TOO LOUD. Apparently, I was missing you WAY TOO MUCH when I was singing those HYMNS?…


Lights shining inside here as we wake at 5am each morning to howl through these words, we even take on the shape of other people’s pain. God can see “me” and this body is not afraid to write. God ain’t mine to throw away so I write to God about what isn’t mine to throw away.

Steph Bird @ 4 weeks

Little by little, I learned that “they” robbed this angelic soul of heavenly time here on Earth and I feel done with the giving. Little by little “someone else” took control, but we both can see that same frail baby that took “her” first breath back in August of 1980 is still here. Serendipitously, I was born at 4:20 which makes my whole life seem laughable in a “thank you, God!” sort of way. As such, feel free to give God (me) a call at (760)420-5855 to schedule an appointment here in Encinitas, CA where angels still live.

I also understand what ‘we’ know to be true of ‘me’. I am human and I refer to myself as ‘we’ because I do. Simple as that = I can be a ‘they’. And today it’s more relevant to ‘me’ to be a ‘we’.

ae89f-change_aveThat same road that brought you to another state also brought us here to California and will sure as hell take us back “home” to Idaho, a place that still feels like Nineveh when we let those Gethsemane demons get to us. Either way, we’re all tired of paying dues to those toll roads back home. That “God” that we know today ain’t “ours” to throw away anymore and it does seem to be about speaking up from wherever ‘we are’ or ‘I am’.

‘I am’ just a vessel and God did give me something special. A talent, a true story, and it glows too bright when we let this ‘little light o’ mine’ shine. I can get WAY TOO BRIGHT too and it’s brilliantly weird.

IMG_2852 2Still, get your little black dress on because you’ll be back and I’m not going back to depression and anxiety. That’s just the way it is going to be when it HURTS to see us staging. That’s just the way it will be when my “brothers” and “sisters” stand right and left of me, singing too.

It doesn’t have to be a sad song either. This is the staging we all do. The musical staging of life. It’s project management at it’s finest.

LIVE, in action and ‘i am’?

STAGEing too,


Bird and Fiesta Del Sol w Besty Marco 2018
Beach day with besty beachlifeboss: Marco

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