Learning to accept that my blood sisters and the people that I thought I would love for life…well, today they just aren’t the sisters that I trust. Instead, one of my sisters has been a woman who goes by “B” and one of my “Best” friends since I moved to this angelic city.

Proud to say too that Bridget was in the San Diego City Beat today and is still Finding Queer Joy over in City Heights.

hlfeyah99u4zI may not live down south in North Park anymore, but “queer” or “they” is who I am here in North County San Diego. In many ways, it still feels radical to be considered gay here. A few of my friends from North Park even tell me they get the feeling of “old people in Florida” when visiting my hood. Sometimes I agree and don’t wonder that it would be a whole lot easier to be queer if I lived back with more of the queer folk down south..

Like Bridget and the Brown Building, I’m looking for queer joy and in a parallel path, Birdanity’s elements also have their origins in training, self-care, artistic and creative projects. We aim to relieve individual stress through life coaching, training, meditation, vibration and physical touch.

Whenever+i+see+these+people+_a5071ab78e14535748870294579b009bBeing a highly-sensitive people, we also have agreements that I need to confirm before discussing the evolution of any training or connection. All individuals, groups and even artists in this space must agree to operate in a manner that promotes inclusivity, consent and comfort for all participants, including meetings and projects where LGBTQI individuals can feel safe and accepted.

Steph Bird



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