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We all know by now that meditation can be as simple as taking the time to let go of the thoughts that bind you, and you don’t need a meditation studio or yoga mat to do that! As such, here are some helpful ways to stay inspired and committed to being the best version of yourself even when you’re away from the meditation or training studio.


EE40A7BC-FDA2-4052-982A-F776AD486D8BPart of living life means taking care of our bodies through resources from the community. If you’re hitting the road, food options can be limited so make sure to pack some easy snacks, especially if you’re prone to low blood sugar or food sensitivities. Fruits and veggies may be available at gas stations and airports, but the taste and quality is usually lacking. I pack my own apples, carrots, cucumbers and zucchini slices (with a drizzle of olive oil and a dash of salt). I also toss a few protein shake packets and coconut butter pouches in my bag. They’re great blood sugar stabilizers and they don’t take up much room.


IMG_1394Flying to your destination? Write in your journal, or if you don’t feel comfortable writing in front of other people, take advantage of the distraction-free zone to dive deep into a “good book”. Here are some good vacation yoga reads:

  • The Gnostic Gospels
  • Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad
  • A Course in Miracles by Foundation for Inner Peace


94262864-CC39-4BC3-9990-234AE74471B4Prep your phone with some tunes that will help you find your zen state even in the middle of a busy airport terminal. Right now I’m listening to Why Worry, but my go-to quick relaxation song is The Flow of Let Go. Stay connected to San Diego teachers as they discuss modern day practices on meditation and yoga. Or listen to a guided deep relaxation meditation and Healing Music.



These simple movements can be done while seated with limited space (and you won’t get any dirty looks from the person in the seat next to you).

Neck Stretches & Shoulder Shrugs – Relax your right ear towards your right shoulder for several slow breaths. Then release your chin to your chest for several more breath cycles. Return to center and repeat on the left side. Follow it up by tensing your shoulders up to your ears and releasing for 3 sets.

Seated Back Bend – Place your palms on your knees and sit tall. Draw your navel in and up as you lift your chest. Use your palms to gently traction back against your thighs, pulling your shoulder heads down and back as you gaze up. Even a mini back bend can be energizing!

Seated Twist – Place your right hand outside your left knee. Use your left hand on your armrest or at your side. Lengthen and lift your spine as you twist to your left, allowing your gaze to come around to your left shoulder. Hold for 5 deep breaths. Release and repeat on the opposite side.


windowcleaner_lemanshotsWhen the chaos or apprehension of your journey threatens to upset your state of mind! Notice what’s happening around you. Feel your feet strike the ground as you walk. Move with ease instead of rushing. Scan your body and choose to release tension. Simple mindfulness techniques will bring you back into the magic of the moment so you can enjoy the ride. 

As you wish,

Stephan:ie Bird


This is part of a Community series, ending with a Question to consider. As you progress, feel free to leave a Reply or Comment here. Thanks for reading and sharing.


How do you Meditate?

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