Create~Life: Sensing


Identifying Sensations

Our bodies are an awesome instrument, fine-tuned to detect the tiniest of sensations. Like a weightless feather that sits in the hands, yet is easily moved with the wind, we are filled with so many distractions. And distractions can be enjoyable too, especially life’s little indulgences when we get out of our heads and back into our bodies – fully enjoying our life, whatever the season.

Screen Shot 2018-07-20 at 6.47.04 AM


There’s no better time than summer to slip off your shoes and go barefoot in the park, in the woods or at the beach. Enjoy the feeling of the gravel or the grass that cushions your feet and get reconnected to the earth. Bonus points if you hold the hand of a homeless person while you are out!


Enjoy my favorite, ice cream! Or go healthy to a farmer’s markets where there are overflowing treats of local, fresh fruits and veggies. So good, you can almost taste the sunshine that grew them. Or grow a garden and/or ask a neighbor if you can share growing fruits and veggies in the ground outside!


lavender-uses-oilCandles are great in the wintertime, but hot days call for essential oil. Light citrus scents like grapefruit and lime are refreshing when diffused or misted through your home. Jasmine oil makes a nice chemical-free replacement for perfume. Or make time for one of the simplest pleasures and smell a dried summer lavender before bed!

Screen Shot 2018-07-20 at 6.45.01 AMHear!

Take a walk at night and listen to the frogs and crickets. Find a path or park far from busy streets and remember- this is not a workout! Stroll, wander and enjoy the stillness of a warm night.



Did you know that the more people that understand others can have a different opinion of their abilities, the more likely they are to refuse to perform those abilities? Many scientific reports suggest that grown-ups could learn something from children by singing and letting go of the worry of what others think, and even getting out on the dance floor!


thewanderfamilyblackWhen was the last time you wandered around the city or sat to stare at the clouds that float by? Carve out 15 minutes today, grab a loved one and find a peaceful place to sit or even observe others. Watch the waves, sunset, birds…anything that puts your mind at ease!

How do you enjoy the senses?

Leave a comment below to offer suggestions for everyone else to see and thanks for reading! ~> Steph Bird


This is part of a Community series, ending with a Question to consider. As you progress, feel free to leave a Reply or Comment here. Thanks for reading and sharing.


How do you take time to create your Senses of awareness?

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