The Things You Said


i forgot

ALL the things

You wrote

all the things you said

+ before I die

I want to stop thinking

about all the games we played+

after all the things you said+

and all the things you never needed.2.say

before and after finding One another.


I want to stop remembering

how you

and so many others

told me that I



but that you didn’t have t-i-ME

to be that = help.


In playing

with words,

with time,

or with family

I have always lost

more than I ever won.


Especially when I think

about the statistics

of those games,

the followers,

and the



Me being one of ’em,

I was a player too.



And now..

the goal is to let the games

be over, at least in my head.

I’m not chasing anything,

or anyone,

not in prayers

or thoughts.


In these ways,

without a way,

is it possible

to be perfectly



Feels an awful lot

like BEing,

that’s the goal here too.