iNeed a Sister’s Voice


I Hear A Sister’s Voice

nearly every time I speak

Listening quietly

patiently to hear

sounds of feeling

sounds of being


Even if He doesn’t remember

or even love,

they hear Her voice too

when they Sing.

I feel Her


and it’s a wonderful illusion.

Most days

for This Bird

on Earth

wHERE it feels like

we are on the opposite sides

of a Cloud

heaven’s Cell

that2feels like Hell.Vs2.4.5938.

And if I just reached out,

we would find we were both


Living in this dream of a Book

where no one will be right

until we all see The End.

Getting to the finish line

has become simply

human’s racing_2_GET_there.

Hearing a Sister’s Voice

I hurt the pain of a FeMale Race

that feels these battles every month.

These bloody grounds keep appearing

every 2# days,

when I tire along side

those fem-fatals who raced before me..

Because I’m tired of running games

politically, materially, literally

suffering EVEn in the head.

Instead choosing to

close my eyes

and SING

of One day

when we


take to HearT

this Sister’s voice.

One listening quietly NOW…

and patiently to hear

of those SisterS