The theme of this morning and nearly every joy-filled morning is simply to “get over yourself.” As an animal, get over yourself. Within the measures of a bird’s restraint.

Getting over oneself may be done as quickly or as slowly as may be possible. Remembering those God-awful lessons too while doing so. Lessons about not taking anything personally and professionally.

Nothing is personal. Neither in email, text, call or contact.

Learning this “life rule” is imperative. Even to compassionate friendship with the self.

Stopping for a moment to breathe and ‘think~think~think’ before replying. Even turning off the Cell lights that are staring at you through a phone. 

Turning off the lights for hours, days, and even years when needed.

Always considering your family ~ THE family. Always loving every bird that came before you, and before clicking those feather-like buttons with letters.

Letters that form the words <Send> <Publish> and <Return>.

Asking oneself,

“What is it that I want to <send>?”

“What is it that I want to <return>?”

“Am I returning a <love> message?”

“Am I returning a hall mark?”

“Or a HELL mark?”

Filtering words through this Goalie when writing to family and friends is quite a play this holiday season. Even when writing to you, the reader, a person who may also be living A Wonderful Life. 

When clicking Publish here, I still don’t feel that I’ve gone <Public> and that is a pretty wonderful life too. Indeed publicly, I still feel as normal as I ever did when walking with a clown-like dog and a mad scientist as best friend’s for life. 

The term “Public” often feels quiet, alone and very singular too. I am single even now, sitting in another morning reading corner where I write a book everyday. One that I called Birdanity . One I started back in 2013 and before I ever moved to California.

What a life as limited edition ART.

Writing content anyone could pick up, really. 

A Bird writing a page in a never-ending story about time where we try, again and again, to prove our worth to life. Often in the proving, finding love’s existence again and again.

The hunting games for bird-like emotions in these pages is pretty killer. The thrill of the story is often in the hunt.

Ooooo, the hunting games!

Animal play.

Often done within these naked boundaries of a protocol of wordy-world-wide minds. The thrill is still in this Bird-like hunt.

Steph Bird, Iteration 20181208:06.57

Sky Bird, crazy scientist with mad golden retriever skills
Sky Bird, crazy scientist with mad golden retriever skills